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May 1, 2017
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Minerva + Luis Carlos – A romantic destination wedding in Barcelona


Where was the ceremony held?

In the gardens of a winery close to Barcelona called Masia Joan Sarda





Where did you get ready for the big event?

Bride: at my family’s house together with a couple of friends who helped me to dress .


Groom: at a hotel with my family helping me dress up, laughing etc.


How and where did you find your dress?

At H. Kles; I was looking for a soft, elegant dress without feeling to be dressed up. I wanted to feel the dress as my second skin and being easy to be on it during the whole event: from the ceremony to the dance party that finished at 5am.

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Did you wear a headpiece or veil?

A handmade fascinator. I was not feeling to wear a veil but my fiance was under the impression that I was wearing one, so I thought that a fascinator will be a good option. _MG_0468


How about the complements you wore? (shoes, jewellery)

Shoes was another worry because I didn’t want to be in pain the whole time and the color I wanted was rose gold. It took me a loooong time to find the right shoes . I don’t usually wear jewellery but I wanted some pearl earrings and my mother in law made me the gift. Then I wore the engagement ring as well but nothing else.The dress was a long sleeve dress so I felt that I was already covered enough.


Who made your bouquet? Which type of flowers did it have?

My bouquet was done in a small local store that understood perfectly what I wanted. Flowers are called “ Callas or Lirios de Agua” in orange color because I love it and being the wedding in August I thought that was the right color.



Where you nervous?

Bride: I was nervous the previous days. The same day, I was nervous when I woke up but then, I enjoyed the day and it passed soooooo fast that when I wanted to think about it, I was already dancing after the dinner we had in the same winery next to a pool

Groom: No.


Where was the reception held?

Same place . Masia Joan Sarda . After the ceremony in one of the parts of the garden, we had a cocktail in another part of the garden and my husband sang some of his songs. Afterwards, we did the reception in the pool area and the dance there as well.


Is there a special or fun moment you remember?
Bride: The most special moment was when entering at the Gardens where we held the ceremony. Our nieces/nephews were in front of me and was emotional to see him at the end of the aisle. The funniest moment for me was when we left the ceremony dancing a “gipsy” song with all our family and friends dancing behind us.
Groom: The ceremony when we read to each other, when we put the rings, when we kissed and of course when we ended dancing the ceremony while the people were throwing petals of roses to us and following us dancing.
Then my family gave me a surprise bringing musicians that played the songs I used to play with my band QVINQVE and played some songs of our album “Recuerdos del Futuro” such as “Luna”, “Palabras y palabras” which I had not sang since 14 years ago.
Any original details in your wedding? We customized the invitations, website , messages for every guest… The most original detail was the cake topper which were 2 doughnuts decorated as bride and groom.
Can you give an advise to future brides?

Bride: My advise will be to take it easy and try to breath. There is a lot of stress involved and sometimes it is not easy to deal with so many details at the same time. If they can afford a Wedding planner, I will go for it. We didn’t do it and sometimes we regretted it.

Groom: If you can afford it pay a wedding planner and do a trip together with your bride while they organize everything.
And if you cannot afford it, get married like Romeo and Juliet. Find a priest, do a secret marriage and then give that wonderful surprise to all your friends and family…

Who was your photographer?

Fernando Sancho, a great photographer and friend. It was really easy to work and be with him because he didn’t interfere at all and everything was natural.


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